Stain and Seal

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A translucent water-based, one step stain and sealer for use on raw timber. Available in six beautiful colours. 200ml pot.

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Artisan Stain & Seal is a translucent, water based one step stain and sealer. Designed for use over bare timber, it can also be used over existing timber finishes for a quick and easy refresh, or even used as a glaze over paint to achieve decorative effects. Artisan Stain & Seal is easy to apply with either sponge (our preferred method) brush or short nap micro-fibre roller. Like all Artisan products, Stain & Seal is virtually odourless, VOC free and eco-friendly. Stain & Seal dries to a tough, water-resistant, protective surface with a matte/eggshell finish. Stain & Seal is suitable for interior and exterior applications and the super tough washable finish means it is perfect for sealing tabletops and kitchen cabinets.

How to use: To ensure surface is clean and free of dirt, grease, wax, and loose or flaking existing coatings, we recommend sanding and cleaning the surface with Artisan Easy Scrub.   Stir Stain & Seal well with a flat stirrer before use.  Apply an even coat following the grain, using a sponge, lint free cloth, brush or roller. The surface will be touch dry in 20-30 minutes depending on conditions and may be recoated after 2 hours. Lightly sand between coats using 400+ grit paper to ensure a super smooth finish. Depth of colour will be increased with additional coats. Allow 7 days to fully cure before use.

Coverage:  Approximately 6–10 square metres per litre, depending on application technique and surface roughness